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There is a time and there is a place…

… for cynicism and criticism. There is a time and a place to back off and show some respect.

You’d think that less than 24 hours after the death of a Canadian who was respected by many, many of his countrymen and women is not the time to smear the man, his party or the reaction of Canadians to his untimely death.

But no. Rabid wolves do not have respect for the dead and prefer to tear at the corpse while tributes are still taking place. It gives them a sense of self-importance because they can say – HA, I’m not buying this shit. He was just another guy who died from cancer. Big deal. One less socialist.

Of course Jack Layton was a political man. This is no surprise… or shouldn’t be. He breathed politics 24/7 and sought advantage for himself and his party where it could be gained because he firmly believed that what he did was in the best interest of Canada. He really did. Just as Harper and his followers believe that what they do is best, so did Mr. Layton.

The reaction to his death was predictable. Or should have been. He was a likeable guy. The kind of guy you can picture sitting down in a bar with and shooting the shit… can’t picture doing that with Harper. And the letter? It should have been predictable too. Ever the politico, Mr. Layton saw nothing wrong in penning a “letter from the grave”. From a personal point of view, it likely gave him some comfort. From a political point of view, he would have known that contents of the letter would be copied and published widely – and this sure wouldn’t hurt the party fortunes.

And there is absolutely nothing wrong with this. He was what he was. A fine Canadian who worked hard for his family, party and country.

So now some right-wing journos, commentators and Tweeps are blathering on about the praise being foisted on the guy. And hey, I am not one to fawn over anyone easily. There should be criticism as well as praise whenever looking back at someone’s life. Yes, the praise was uncritical praise for Layton yesterday but that’s OK, isn’t it? It was after all, THE DAY HE DIED.

Have some respect, you wolves, we Canucks are mostly caring and compassionate folks and know that there is a time and place for criticism and a time and a place for unabashed tributes. Back off.


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  1. Jymn says:

    Nicely said and yes, it needed to be said.

  2. XUP says:

    Really? There’s been bashing going on already? I haven’t heard any, but I’m not surprised. On that same not, I have to say Harper’s “condolence” speech was kind of lame.

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