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This is what I Tweeted this morning:

baldjam 7:51am via HootSuite

ALERT! Black BMW. Male driver. Driving S on Russell about 10 min. ago.ALMOST HIT MY WIFE & DAUGHTER.Any info, PLS call police! #Ottawa

Scary stuff. Got a call from my very upset spouse telling me that a speeding black BMW swerved around a line of cars waiting at a red at Russell and Tupper… doing about 100 klicks.. and just missed hitting two of my favourite people.

Bastard. I would love to have 5 minutes with the asshole.

Everyone is fine and I assured my wife of that. It’s all good. We will all have dinner together tonight.

But damn, here I am at lunch at my desk, more than 4 hours later – and I find myself shaking uncontrollably.

Bastard. Five minutes. That’s all I ask.


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