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Good on the OCDSB…

for the largely symbolic move to take part in Ottawa’s pride parade later this month.

I say largely symbolic because “inclusive” policies at the Board are already in place and staff and Board members consider intolerance toward any students for whatever reason as inexcusable. Forward thinking stuff.

But symbolic actions are important; especially in these politically and socially polarised times.

One thing that does surprise me though has been the deafening silence from those in the conservative corner of giggling journos and commentators. There are a couple of Tweeps (you know who you are) who I had thought would be all over this like dogs in a butcher shop. Maybe they missed it?


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  1. I should add… I hadn’t head of it likely because I don’t follow news relating to gay (or anyone else’s, for that matter) pride. I think such public spectacles are silly, and generally inappropriate. However, they’re here and the only weapon I have against them is to ignore them.

  2. I hadn’t heard of it until now, but I don’t believe the school board should be participating in this stuff. Whatever pride it may happen to be.

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