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Torontonians and Ontarians are smarter…

... than to vote for three buffoons in a row.

They’ll be more sensible in the Fall….


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  1. This provincial election is scary.

    On one hand, you’ve got the incumbent Liberals who have formed an incompetent government that has gone far to bring Ontario back to the brink of financial ruin foisted upon us by the NDP in the 90’s. Even the NDP didn’t have us taking transfer payments…

    On the other hand, you’ve got the NDP, whose not-distant past at the helm hangs on everyone’s mind… lost jobs, huge deficits, financial chaos, punishment of not just the rich but anyone who had much more than a minimum wage job. They damaged every aspect of life in Ontario. In fact the only cool thing they did was set it up so conservatives would take the blame for some of the NDP’s best work…

    … such as gutting health care (Cons get blamed when amalgamating the already half-closed-by-the-NDP hospitals). The provincial conservatives under harris were on the right track, but they went off the rails too and everyone knows this. Lots of people are generally not happy with the federal Conservatives either. Hudak, rather than looking like a man with a future vision looks, at best, like the lesser of three evils, and really, not by much. And nobody trusts him. The mayor of Toronto is going out of his way to make the PCs look like whackaloons.

    So the choices: Liberal ineptitude, NDP spendthriftiness and incompetence, or PC crazy. Not a nice position for the voter to be in.

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