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I need some help from the Ottawa Twitter and Facebook communities…

… in trying to track down some scumbags who defiled Pleasant Park School (OCDSB: JK -> 6… yeah, little kids) with some truly disgusting graffiti at some point over the past few days.

As in TRULY disgusting. Swastikas. Racist crap. The works.

The police are not likely to be able do anything other than log it as a report and look for similar incidents in the area. This kind of  crap is fairly rare. We have been pretty lucky in our community until now.

So, please re-post, and re-Tweet.  Maybe someone can come forward to the police with any info that may lead to identifying the worthless pieces of sewage who did this.



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  1. Pete Brown says:

    It’s doubtfull that 6th graders knew what swastikas are, and just as well. Bet the taggers were just as oblivious, not that that’s an excuse…

  2. Ssteve says:

    To paraphrase the greatest movie of all time, the Blues Brothers: The only thing I hate more than a Nazi is Alta Vista Nazi.

    It may seem impossible to catch these guys, but remember, your on mission from God.


    (please note that no atheist feelings were hurt during the posting of this comment)

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