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July 27th, 2011:

YES! Two smoking cessation aids now part of Ontario Drug Benefit Plan!!

This is great news!

When I quit 7 years ago, I used Zyban, the patch, nico-gum… everything I could get my hands on! And they worked!

Fortunately, the costs were covered under my drug plan… but most folks aren’t so lucky.

Lower future health care costs will many times over pay for the costs of this forward thinking initiative!

Now how is Hudak and his merry band of nay-sayers going to react to this? I mean, how can you argue against it? Win-win, right?

Naw, they’ll come up with some kind of distorted view of this… par for the course.

Kudos to the Ontario Grits for the timing of this announcement. Ol’ Tim is kinda being bounced around because of his sloppy handing of the abortion funding issue. Strike while the iron is hot, eh?