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Why was everyone surprised by the storm in Ottawa last night?

@OttawaDaddy pointed this out on Twitter this morning. I too am amazed at how few people used the Environment Canada radar site to see the storms approaching after receiving Twitter warning & retweets!

Check it out. Easy to use, folks.

This is what it showed this morning. The basics are: orange and red – bad. Purple – head for the hills!

Even simpler, just look at the sky. This is what I saw as the storm rolled in.

Sorta gives a clue about what’s coming, eh?

@OttawaDaddy suggests that everyone should follow @ww_ottawa for weather warnings. Have separate Tweetdeck column. and re-tweet warnings… and I couldn’t agree more.




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  1. I wrote about this just about a year ago:

    It’s funny how our government has invested millions into weather tracking and warning technology, and people still ignore it… then howl how they didn’t know what was going on when something bad happens.

    1. trashee says:

      I had completely forgotten about the diabolical weather machine. I should really get on that…

    2. AndyBlack says:

      People always will be afraid of gale. People will always be not ready to him. And people always will carry large material (and not only) losses from a storm!

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