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Now don’t slam me for saying this!

The Heritage robot, James Moore, has said that the CBC isn’t immune to Strategic and Operating Review cuts – and this has the Twittersphere et al squawking mightily.

While I do strongly support the MotherCorp, I don’t see any reason why it should be immune from the same review that my and all government Departments are going through right now. The Harperites are going to put everyone through mucho pain as they fight the deficit that they created on the back of the Public Service… just like Paul Martin did.

I do fear, however, that these cuts to the CBC will be the thin edge of the wedge. The Cons have no love for Canada’s public broadcaster and if they see a opportunity to slash and burn something that in their small minds is a socialist mouthpiece, they will do so.  Though, after Mansbridge’s lob-ball “interview” with Our Dear Leader during the last election, I have no idea why they still think the CBC is full of pinkos!

But still,  should the Corp be exempt from any cuts? No way.


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  1. Peter says:

    I don’t think the CBC should necessarily be immune from cuts. I do have two grips about this however.

    1) Moore stated quite clearly at the start of May that CBC funding would be stable or would grow. He’s now claiming that was based on the 2008 election platform. Why oh why would somebody who had just completed an election within the past 48 hours make a statement based on the platform from 2 1/2 years ago?

    2) The way they are doing this seems really stupid to me. Rather than analyzing things and seeing where the fat really is, they’re forcing everybody to an arbitrary cut-off. This means that areas of huge deadwood remain so and penalizes highly productive areas. I’ve seen it in the private sector and it leads to disasters. And, even if the departments do their best to try to find the right mix, I have serious doubts about the willingness of this government to look at the trade-offs b/w say a 5% cut here, a 10% cut there, and no cut somewhere else. Given their track record and the way the census decision was spun, the way they are doing the strategic review gives them a sort of endorsement from the departments for any cuts regardless of impact.

    1. trashee says:

      You don’t expect the truth do be told during a campaign, do you? 🙂
      I agree with your criticism of the process – unfortunately, this is the way they do things. Paul Martin did likewise during the Program Review of the early ’90’s… not a lot of rhyme or reson – just targets. Remember, we’re not neccesarily talking about the sharpest knives in the drawer, are we? Arbritrary percentages are easy for MPs to understand and in turn message out to their constituents. A fact-based set of criteria derived from measurable outcomes and based on principles of sound management would be waaayyyy too complicated for these boys and girls!

      1. Peter says:

        During the campaign? No. Moore made his comments the day after the election though

    2. trashee says:

      Oh – and thanks for visiting!

  2. RunnertheFirst says:

    A lot was said during the election accusing the CBC of being both biased against and for the Conservative government. It is a well known fact all businesses, public and private, have a certain amount of fat that can be cut out without adversely affecting the business. The CBC is certainly no exception to that rule.
    On another note many, many private broadcasters run without the help of public taxpayer dollars. If they do get any assistance it most certainly is not to the tune of $1.1 billion per year.
    Business reviews are important to a well run organization. To continually look for ways to save money rather than spend more is healthy. I personally look forward to the internal self assessments and the resulting cost savings, I hope, will follow.

    1. trashee says:

      Good to hear from you Allan! I hope your trip was enjoyable… although…. you were in Sudbury….
      I agree with you, of course. I take exception to the knee-jerk reaction that the CBC should be above any cuts. It is a fact of life in the PS that your Dep’t will undergo a “review” periodically, and I have no problem with that as long as cuts are evidence-based and not dogmatic.

      1. RunnertheFirst says:

        Sudbury is a happening place my friend. Very active population. Lots of resource based money. More to come if the Ring of Fire development includes chromium smelters in Sudbury. That would be up to $1 trillion making the Ring of Fire chromite deposit the largest in the world. If even part of that hits Sudbury the rest of the province will have to hang onto its hats as the town really takes off.

        Oh and to stay on topic. CBC’s perceived bias either way is a reflection of the reporter’s opinion at that time or article

        My opinion is the CBC should be looking for more ways to generate revenue rather than spend more of tax payers dollars. CBC wishes to spend more next year then they had better get in gear and earn it.

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