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It’s 3:30 am and I can’t sleep…

….so why not post something?

I was standing in line at the LCBO on Thursday and eavesdropped on a conversation behind me between two middle-aged guys… probably not holders of PhDs, but not grade school drop-outs either.

Guy 1: Damned lineup! Why don’t they have more registers open?

Guy 2: It’s probably against union rules or something.

Guy 1: Unions! Ha! I love what Harper is doing to those bastards… nothing but Communism!

Guy 2: Yeah! And wait till Hudak gets in! He’ll sweep up whatever Harper doesn’t! Plus, he promised a buck a beer!

Guy 1: That’s good enough for me! He’s got my vote!

Me: Sigh.

What a depressing country this is becoming…

Now to try and get back to sleep…


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  1. Dave says:

    I suppose it depends where you line up. I was at the drug store yesterday getting a refill o the pain meds I need from the surgeries I have had. The drugs cost $25 a pop and that lasts me about a week. This ha been going on since Nov 2010 so you can see it has run up a cost of about $700.
    That would be the cost to me except I got to retie with a union backed contract that means each of my refills costs me $.20.
    Now I realize that is Communism but I like it this way better than the dollar a beer Hudak is promising.
    It appalls me to hear the present generation slagging unions without any realization of exactly what the nation has gained by allowing workers to emerge from poverty.
    Well if the neo cons like Harper, Hudak and Ford in Toronto have their way we’ll see in a few years if the cheap beer is as good a deal as it seems to so many right now.

    1. trashee says:

      Unions still do a have a “place” in our labour relations processes – despite claims by many to the contrary. Many these days forget or are not aware of the fact that many of the public benefits they enjoys today as Canadians were the results of the labour movement. Today, I think the role of organised labour is different than it was 20 – 50 years ago, but it is still vital. They are the vanguard in the protection of these benefits and rights.

      Re: the LCBO privitisation – I’d like to see this because I detest the notion that the State does not trust its citizens to their own devices when it comes to alcohol… nanny-state stuff…

      Best of health, Dave!

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