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July 2nd, 2011:

It’s 3:30 am and I can’t sleep…

….so why not post something?

I was standing in line at the LCBO on Thursday and eavesdropped on a conversation behind me between two middle-aged guys… probably not holders of PhDs, but not grade school drop-outs either.

Guy 1: Damned lineup! Why don’t they have more registers open?

Guy 2: It’s probably against union rules or something.

Guy 1: Unions! Ha! I love what Harper is doing to those bastards… nothing but Communism!

Guy 2: Yeah! And wait till Hudak gets in! He’ll sweep up whatever Harper doesn’t! Plus, he promised a buck a beer!

Guy 1: That’s good enough for me! He’s got my vote!

Me: Sigh.

What a depressing country this is becoming…

Now to try and get back to sleep…