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Happy CANADA Day!

NOT Dominion Day!

Today is to celebrate the birthday of a great (though currently politically misguided) and independent country. While our Constitution may refer to the land as a “Dominion”, the term is about as anachronistic as Christians turning Leviticus in the old testament for guidance… it just doesn’t “work” in modern times.

And technically, yes, we are a Constitutional monarchy and several thousands – if not millions – of us go completely ga-ga at the notion of the visit of the grandkid of a foreign monarch and his hot wifey. But this still does not negate the fact that the monarchy, like the term “Dominion” is an anachronism beyond belief.

And I won’t even start in on the Judea-Christian roots of the term. You all can guess my thoughts about that!

Anyhow, happy Canada Day, my friends! And it is with hope that on the arrival of next year’s 145th birthday, the political pendulum will have begun to swing away from the current state of monarchism, militarism and hyper-conservatism



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