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The “royal” visit – and why I am glad I’ll be outta town!

I detest hero-worship in any form… and the fawning over the “royal” visit is the epitome of hero worship!

Not that I am implying in any way that they’re heroes at all but they occupy the same pantheon as movie and sports celebs. They are false heroes who get paid more than most of us can even imagine, enjoy all of the trappings of celebrity and do precious little to deserve it in real terms.

PLUS I have always taken offense to the fact that a foreign monarch is our Head of State!

PLUS, we taxpayers are going to get dinged at all levels of government for the costs associated with this visit!

I was going to keep my trap shut about this – I have cut back on the blogging a bit to give my ranting a rest – but I HAD to post something after seeing THIS:


WTF? Who authorised this? Who paid for it? WHO?

Oh. Yeah.

The flag is a testament to the special bond between Canada and the Royal Family and pays tribute to our shared history, traditions and institutions. It will be flown with great pride throughout the upcoming Royal Tour by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge,” Harper said in an announcement.

On the lighter side…



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  1. Laura says:

    …but how do you really feel? lol Happy Canada Day!

    1. trashee says:

      Yeah. I am a bit opaque sometimes…

    2. trashee says:

      And I hope you had a great Canada Day too !

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