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Friday, er, Saturday miscellany

OK. I didn’t get to the Friday Miscellany thing yesterday. My bad.

I was golfing in the afternoon – and dodging lightning – and had to work like the dickens to get some stuff done in the morning and over lunch so I didn’t get the chance to finish my Friday post! Gimme a break, will ya!!!!!


The sister of a colleague of mine is being awarded with a Medal of Bravery for actions taken in January!

Congrats to Tara… not many of us would have the guts to do what she did!


Winnipeg Jets. Damn, that feels good to say…


Bye to XUP as she moves from O-Dot to The Big Smoke! Gonna miss our early morning chats on the 148… best of luck to her and XUP Junior!


Chrysotile asbestos. It kills. It really does. Never mind those who vigorously state that if used correctly and properly monitored, it is perfectly safe.

If installed correct… and we are exporting this stuff to places who really don’t care a whole lot about health and safety requirements

If anyone believes the myth that developing countries with poor bureaucracies and widespread corruption oversee the substance’s use, then that person is engaging in willful self-deception.

Jeffrey Simpson called us the “Ugly Canadians”.

The Harper government could care less. It vigorously defends mining asbestos because of one little corner of Quebec, near Thetford Mines, where the asbestos is mined and shipped to developing countries, mostly in Asia. Stephen Harper’s top Quebec minister, Christian Paradis, used to head the Thetford Mines chamber of commerce. Mr. Harper campaigned in the area and supported the mining. He spent part of Friday, St. Jean Baptiste Day, in Thetford Mines, thereby reinforcing his government’s political marriage to asbestos.

This week, the Ugly Canadians stood alone against the world in blocking the listing of chrysotile asbestos as a hazardous chemical under the Rotterdam Convention. At the meeting in Geneva, Canada had at first clustered itself among a small group of opponents that included such democratic stalwarts as Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Vietnam. Even these countries relented, however, and agreed to the listing. But not Canada. Not the Harper government. Not when there are jobs at an asbestos mine in Quebec.

What shame. Not only do we have a reputation for overlooking the environmental impacts of the tar sands, rioting in the streets for no particular reason and have the  worst record for greenhouse-gas emissions in the developed world, we refuse to ban the export of a substance that kills those who are most vulnerable.

And just for a few votes.

Shame on Harper. And shame on Jean Charest too.


Jimbobbysez is having a photo caption contest. Go take a look!


Your dishwasher may be trying to kill you and yours!

The research, whose findings are published in a super-coolly named journal called Fungal Biology, showed that:

62 per cent of dishwashers contained the fungi Exophiala dermatitidis and E. phaeomuriformis on the rubber band in the door. Both of the black yeasts are known to be dangerous to human health.

Kinda makes sense though, doesn’t it? Organic matter, warm temps, downtime to allow the bugs to thrive… perfect scenario, eh? But then again, this can be said for a number of surfaces in the kitchen.

So what to do? Some suggest to I put the dishwasher thru a cycle with a lot of white vinegar once a month using the topmost temperature setting. Plus, try to rinse as much food from the cutlery and dishes as possible in the sink  BEFORE putting them in the dishwasher.


Finally, you wanna diss someone, but want to it creatively… how about doing it in Ye Olde English?

Choose one word from each of the columns below and add “thou” at the beginning. As in

Methinks you lie! Thou dankish, crook-pated, foot-licker!

See? Fun, eh?






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