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Pro soccer comes to Ottawa!

Even though we have known that this was coming for some time (tough to keep a secret of any kind in Ottawa), I am ecstatic to see a NASL team coming to the NCR in 2013 or 2014 – depending on when the redevelopment of Lansdowne Park and Frank Clair Stadium is completed.

OK – where can I get season tickets?

I hope Ottawa can get behind this team and kick its image as a one-sport town. It was tough to see the Lynx leave due to a horrendous lack of fan support. I spent many sunny (and not-so-sunny)  afternoons eating peanuts, drinking beer and watching some good baseball, and I look forward to be doing the same on Bank Street in a couple of years!

Now for a name… I hope the owners consult the community – hold a contest, maybe?

Me? How about the:

  • Ottawa Arsenal
  • National Capital United
  • Ottawa United FC (boring)
  • Ottawa Football Club, though I guess we’d have to go with the North American terminology, as in…
  • Ottawa Soccer Club
  • Ottawa Wanderers
  • Ottawa Rivermen
  • Others?


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