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June 17th, 2011:

Betty Fox

I’m very sad to say that Terry Fox’s Mom, Betty, has died.

Terry was a Canadian hero and so was his Mom.

She kept the fight against cancer very much alive and up front. The number of lives saved through her fund-raising efforts is incalculable.

Thanks to the whole family. You inspired many.

Mourners can share their thoughts and condolences at the Terry Fox Foundation website:



Friday miscellany – schools, Pink Floyd and a moron in a bad suit…

The Ontario government announced the other day that 4 new schools will be built in Ottawa and a 6 room addition will be tacked onto an existing school.

On Wednesday morning, Education Minister Leona Dombrowsky visited Ecole Laurier-Carrière, a French Catholic elementary school in Nepean, to announce it will receive a six-classroom addition under a program that will also see four new schools built in Ottawa over the next three years. They are among 43 new schools and 30 additions to be built across the province under the $650-million program, which was approved as part of the Ontario Liberals’ most recent budget.

The French Catholic school board will get a new secondary school in Kanata’s Fernbank neighbourhood and a new elementary school in Barrhaven’s Chapman Mills neighbourhood. The French public school board will add a new secondary school in Kanata and the OCDSB will get a new elementary school in Barrhaven.

Of course, other schools in the public system are bursting at the seams and their communities are crying foul! North Kanata in particular is in desperate need of a new school. In the east end too are schools that have seen rapid population influxes but not extra school capacity.

And I won’t even start on the number of portables that have become a permanent fixture at many schools.

Hmmm… I do note that Catholic Boards are getting 2 new schools and the addition… hmmm…

Here’s a radical thought that I may have mentioned once or twice before:

Abolish Ontario’s Catholic school system and there would be enough $ to fund all of the schools that are needed!

Schools that do NOT discriminate based on religion!

Of course, I am not expecting any pol from any party to make this a rallying cry in the fall election. Which is too bad.


A last word (at least for now) on the post-game violence in Vancouver the other day.

Stupidest comment award goes to… ta-da!

Don “I’m a moron” Cherry for blaming the riots on left wing pinkos and the left wing pinkos in government who apparently restricted police from beating the shit out of the rioters in the streets.

Cherry has to share some of the blame for these riots. He advocates violence, glorifies war and ridicules anyone who dares to oppose him

C’mon CBC – show some guts and ditch this dinosaur!


The Rolling Stone magazine recently did a feature on the 10 best album covers of all time. Album covers used to be something whose meanings were debated over beers, hotly anticipated in advance of a band’s new release and were in fact a unique art form.

RS picked as Number 2 what I would have chosen as Number 1.

Sargeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band was picked as #1 and I can see why, but I would still put Dark Side of the Moon ahead of anything. I really don’t think there is a cover that is immediately so recognizable to so many.

But I was disappointed that this one – Led Zeppelin IV – didn’t make it on the list:

I guess an argument can be made for several Zep covers – Physical Graffiti and The Houses of the Holy come immediately to mind.

However, in this age of downloadable music, album covers are a relic – but one to be appreciated.


Finally, I want to wish my baby sister a Happy Birthday! I can’t believe it has been XX years since she was born! I can remember it like it was yesterday. Had a big beach party in her honour on the night of her birth!