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‘Nucks or Bruins? Does Orr trump all?

For me, this is more complicated than it seems.

I grew up just outside Parry Sound, Ontario – the birthplace and hometown of Bobby Orr – the best player EVAH! AND DON’T FRICKIN’ DEBATE ME ON THAT!

And in P Dot, you were either a Bruins fan or a Leafs fan. No one else was tolerated.

Habs fans were thrown off the Seguin Street bridge, and rightfully so! The high school gave us the morning off now and then to see Hab fans thrown to the rocks below. Good times. They shoulda known better…

BUT. So my background leads me to cheer for Vancouver tonight as – given my background – I never really saw eye to eye with Bruin fans whatsoever. Hated ‘EM. Just as much as Manure United or those Chelsea and Tottenham scum.

BUT. As a Proud Citizen of Leaf Nation, we vow to never cheer on a Canadian team that has a chance to bring back The Cup to Canada before Our Beloved Leafs. Amen.

BUT. Of all of the Canadian teams aside from the Leafs who I would like to see hoist Lord Stanley – well, that would be the Canucks.

Better than the Habs or those pathetic Schmens. And I won’t even go near the Flames or Oilers! 60-odd percent of Alberta voters voted for HARPER!!

Shit. This is SO complex!

Even more complex than that talk I sat in on yesterday on “non-parametric linear observations of Kurtian distributions using single stepping stone Boritic randomization”.

So what to do. What to do.


Go Canucks.


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  1. Dave says:

    You are over thinking this. True Orr as the best ever but as for the rear the cup was donated for the Canadian Hockey Championship. That the billionaires have usurped it for 80 years doesn’t change that so although we all know the leafs should be the proprietors of the cup it is any Canadian team over any American team any time anyplace.
    Now which of the other Canadian teams brings the cup home is a minor thing entirely when put beside that little smirking weasel Betteman getting to touch it again.

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