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June 1st, 2011:



I’m scheduled for a root canal for tomorrow at 4 pm… would have preferred, like NOW, but dentist dude was booked for the day.

In the meantime, I have been advised by a very kind soul on Twitter to fetch some clove oil…


I’m in it.

My tooth is killing me – ol’ number 36 for you dental-philes out there. Tylenol 3 doesn’t work. Ibuprofen does work, but only for a short time. Meanwhile, the pain is radiating into the rest of my head and my neck.

I can’t sleep, can’t focus and am in a hell of a bad mood.

Happily (I think) I’m off to a specialist in a short while to have a consult and hopefully get this thing fixed… likely a root canal. Woo-hoo!

So, am I writing this just to complain to the world (or the approx 200 folks who visit this site every day)?

Well, yeah. But not entirely.

I am being a bit of a wimp. I know that. Yes, it is painful to be me right now, but I do know that the pain suffered by victims of far serious ailments – like cancer, for example – is much, much worse. So I am fortunate that a simple visit to a dentist will make my pain go away.

And to all you mothers out there? Yes, I know childbirth is a bit nasty too…

I am also fortunate that this visit to the specialist won’t really cost me too much money out of my own pocket. I belong to a dental plan and the end costs of these things are pretty much trivial.

But what about those who are not so fortunate but not poor enough to qualify for some sort of government-sponsored dental coverage; if there is such a thing. What do they do in circumstances like these? Tough it out? Pay it off over a period of months or years? Make like Tom Hanks and find a skate, a rock and a volleyball?

Which, incidentally, is what I may be doing if I’m told that there aren’t any openings available for a root canal for at least a week.

Wish me luck.


Devastated town bans emergency shelters…

I don’t really like the looks of mobile homes either, but banning their use as an emergency shelter after the tornado disaster? That’s just ridiculous.

Scores of homes, businesses and city buildings were destroyed or damaged by the time the winds died down. Nearly every red-brick storefront was whacked along Main Street, which is now deserted and blocked by a chain-link fence.

Residents whose homes were destroyed assumed they would be able to live in one of the hundreds of long, skinny mobile homes that FEMA is providing as temporary housing for tornado victims. After all, the Cordova Police Department, a pharmacy, a bank and City Hall all have moved into similar trailers since the storm.

But the city enacted a law three years ago that bans the type of mobile homes provided by FEMA, called single-wide trailers. Older single-wide mobile homes were grandfathered in under the law and double-wide mobile homes are still allowed, Scott said, but new single-wides aren’t allowed and a tornado isn’t any reason to change the law, even temporarily.


(Thanks to my cuz Samantha O for pointing this out)