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May 31st, 2011:

Hooray for Winnipeg!!!!

About time!

Now let’s see about getting a team back to Qu├ębec City and another one for Ontario and maybe the Maritimes!

Bettman? Your great experiment is a failure!

I do happen to feel a little sorry for those fans in Atlanta… all 60 of them!


Al Capone would be proud of Ontario!

Ontario may relax their antiquated liquor laws a wee bit this summer, but they are sure not going to do CRAZY things like allow the sale of beer and wine in convenience stores! Oh no! Anarchy would reign!!!!

Just look at what happened in la belle province!

Look at them! Buncha drunks, I tell ya!

Best comment on the MotherCorp article:

The 1920s called. They want their laws back.