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And under the title of “who gives a crap”…

… their royal inbredednesses are in Bytown over Canada Day…

Hmmm… maybe book the Thursday off too and head off to Montréal until they leave.

Of course, The Robot is drooling WD-40…

Canadians hold The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in very high esteem and look forward to welcoming them as they embark on their first official Royal Tour as newlyweds,” Prime Minister Stephen Harper said in a statement. “The couple’s decision to visit Canada first is a testament to our country’s close relationship with the Crown and Royal Family, and an opportunity for all Canadians to take pride in our traditions, history, and institutions.”

Well, THIS Canadian does NOT hold them in high esteem. NOR does he welcome them anymore than I would welcome any other visitor to Canada. The ONLY close relationship I have with the royals is the unfortunate fact that there’s an old lady’s face on the coins in my pocket. AND MAYBE IT IS TIME TO DUMP SOME ANTIQUATED AND USELESS INSTITUTIONS!!!
Man, I’m a sonofabitch today! Must be the killer toothache that I have had for the past few weeks… off to my first root canal on Wednesday. Yay.



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  1. Dave says:

    I think you guys aren’t giving them enough credit for performing the incredibly difficult task of being born with the right parents. That is the sort of thing we should be encouraging all our children to do. Think how much richer the country would be if everyone took the time to be born to royalty instead of peasants.
    I’ve never figured out why anyone cares a fig about any of these hereditary characters. Give me someone who actually achieved something with what they had rather than bowing to them because of their last name.

  2. I wish them no ill will, and don’t care if they visit, as long as they do so on their own dime.

    Sadly, that won’t be the case, and that pisses me off. This guy is NOT a foreign dignitary, he’s the grandson of a foreign dignitary. To me, that makes a huge difference. If Sarkozy’s grandson came to Ottawa, nobody would care, no special arrangements would be made, etc.

    Nobody has ever been able to convince me that this should be treated any differently.

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