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May 29th, 2011:

Is Barca the best side ever?


But it is tough to compare across the ages.

For hockey fans, it is kind of like comparing the Oilers to the Habs, dynasty-wise.

But man, that match yesterday was a joy to watch – and not just because Manure Utd came out on the short end of the stick.

One touch, one touch, one touch… simply amazing.

Congrats to Barca… as a Gooner, they are what I hope our side aspires to and soon achieves. Arsenal has most of the talent. Add a couple of centre-backs and for gawds sake, acquire a top-notch keeper… and we’ll be there!



Importance of the gun registry…

… to victims of gun crimes.

The Cons aren’t going to change their dogmatic minds on this as they pander to rural votes (picture an Alberta rancher out huntin’ coyotes!), but the Registry works – at least to some degree. Knowing if there are arms in a house before knocking on a door is an invaluable piece of intelligence for law enforcement folks. Even if you dispute the effectiveness of preventing gun crimes, you can’t deny that.

The operating costs are not high, and it is praised by the RCMP and the body that represents Canadian Chiefs of Police.

As a rule, I don’t trust cops or their opinions a helluva lot… yeah, yeah, I know that there are exceptions… but this is one area where i think we should take their word for it.

But I’m blowing into the wind here… and I know it.