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May 26th, 2011:

Murders and suicides with firearms…

Note: The registration portion of the Firearms Act was implemented in 2001 and became mandatory in 2003.

I put this table together because of a Twitter conversation that was going back and forth about murder, suicides and firearms.

So here is a fact-based, empirical set of data on what went down between 2000 and 2007.

For me, the striking thing is the decrease of firearm related suicides. Quite remarkable.

I should mention that these data are publicly available and accessible at no cost.

What other conclusions do you draw from the data?


Using technology to…

…educate kids and parents about how to avoid potentially dangerous situations and help to find children who have gone missing.

Did you know that each year around 50,000 kids go missing in Canada? Crazy!

This is a great initiative – and long overdue! 

Operated by the Canadian Centre for Child Protection,’s primary functions include:

  • Assisting in the location of missing children
  • Providing educational materials to help prevent children from going missing
  • Offering information and a response centre on missing children
  • Coordinating efforts to assist stakeholders in the delivery of missing children services

This is a charitable organization that deserves your support. Each pay cheque, I give a not-insignificant sum to Kid’s Help Phone and Child Find as part of the Government of Canada’s United Way drive. I’ll be adding this group to my list when the United Way coordinator makes her way to my cube.