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Ontario is going on a drinking binge?

Stodgy old Protestant Ontario is easing its liquor laws this summer.

What chaos will this reap?

Riots in the streets? Orgies on the beaches? Public drunkenness at all hours of the day? Dogs mating with cats?

I’m reminded of the time that my wife and I went to Britannia Beach one afternoon several years back. There is a small licensed patio there and of course, Ontario being Ontario, it is considered a sin worse than murder to carry an alcoholic beverage outside the designated area. In this case, the deisnated area was a small chain stretched around the patio.

My wife, being from that civilised province of Québec where liquor laws assume that adults will behave like adults, briefly took leave of her senses and started to wander back to the beach with our beers in hand.

WELL! What madness ensued! The barkeeper was positively a-fluster as she ran from her station and confronted my dear one just outside of said chained-off barrier. How dare she remove an alcoholic beverage from said designated area! What madness!

Anyway, we still chuckle about that one.

Any other fellow Ontarians have a similar experience?



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  1. Jim Marshall says:

    It’s amazing to see the lingering affects of the 19th century Temperance movement here in 21st century Ontario. The government loves its little LCBO monopoly, as do Molson and Labatts, which own 98% of that iconic institution known as “The Beer Store”.

    There is no difference between hard liquor (spirits) and wine and beer – each will get you intoxicated if consumed in sufficient qualities and all should be available in convenience or grocery stores across Ontario.

    I’m tired of the patronizing 19th century Methodist-inspired liquor laws in Ontario, it think its time to throw them out.

    1. trashee says:

      Remember when you had to fill out an “order form” in the LCBO, add up the costs yourself. Then present said form to dude behind the counter. Be admonsished if you messed up the math. Then have said dude disappear behind a curtain leading to the back, and then emerge with booze – already bagged so no one could see you with it?
      At least we have improved!

  2. sassy says:

    I remember when you could not consume alcohol on a Sunday unless you had food with it. There was one place that would sell you a wrapped-wrapped white-bread-process-cheese sandwich for (I think it was about $2.50) so as to be able to serve you a drink.

    The servers would tell their customers to “not eat that sandwich, it is about 3 days old, just keep it in sight on the table in case the LCBO inspectors come by”. That same sandwich would sometimes stay on the table for hours as different customers came, had a few drinks and left it for the next customers.

  3. I come from a province where it was quite normal to have a couple of pints and then ask the barkeep for a box of 12 to go. I’ve always thought ontario was kind of backward in this regard.

  4. Dave says:

    Nothing as outrageous as leaving the bar with a drink but I’m old enough to remember when if you were sitting at a table drinking and friends came in to another table you had to get a waiter/ waitress to carry your beer from one table to another.
    No telling what sort of chicanery could go on if people walked around with beer in their hands. Don’t even start on the ladies & escort areas to keep women from being accosted by drunk men.

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