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May 24th, 2011:

Ontario is going on a drinking binge?

Stodgy old Protestant Ontario is easing its liquor laws this summer.

What chaos will this reap?

Riots in the streets? Orgies on the beaches? Public drunkenness at all hours of the day? Dogs mating with cats?

I’m reminded of the time that my wife and I went to Britannia Beach one afternoon several years back. There is a small licensed patio there and of course, Ontario being Ontario, it is considered a sin worse than murder to carry an alcoholic beverage outside the designated area. In this case, the deisnated area was a small chain stretched around the patio.

My wife, being from that civilised province of Qu├ębec where liquor laws assume that adults will behave like adults, briefly took leave of her senses and started to wander back to the beach with our beers in hand.

WELL! What madness ensued! The barkeeper was positively a-fluster as she ran from her station and confronted my dear one just outside of said chained-off barrier. How dare she remove an alcoholic beverage from said designated area! What madness!

Anyway, we still chuckle about that one.

Any other fellow Ontarians have a similar experience?