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Two reasons why we cancelled our subscription…

…to the Ottawa Citizen.

  1. David Warren. His far-right and Catholic-infused rants pushed my BP into the danger zone on several occasions. Plus, he can’t write his way out of a wet paper bag.
  2. Randall Denley. Unlike the evangelical Warren, Denley can put together a coherent column from time to time. But again, his raging against liberalism and Liberalism was just too much for me to take without a helpin’ heap of Pepto!

But now Denley is running for Tim “I never met a lie I didn’t like” Hudak’s PCs in this fall’s Ontario election.

Maybe someone could recruit Warren to run for them somewhere. I hear the Family Coalition Party might be making a comeback. He’d be a perfect fit!

And if that happens, I’ll consider re-subscribing.


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  1. Unfortunately, it’s hard to get even half-decent local news from anywhere except the Citizen. My feeling is that I don’t have to read warren and denley (although I have, and they’re both idiots, especially Warren).

    The Citizen has a number of traits that I consider far worse than the ravings of two columnists:

    1 – They regularly use US spellings. I think that’s a travesty. This is Canada, and newspapers are one of the ways young people learn to read and use language. When the Citizen uses US spellings, it takes something away from Canada. However, to be fair, they don’t ALWAYS use US spellings, which is a good segue into…

    2 – The proof-reading is abysmal. The paper is rife with spelling and grammatical errors, most of which will show up as red squiggles or green squiggles on MSWord. That tells me there really is no excuse other than poor editorial control.

    3 – The “Ask the Experts” religion column on Sunday. To the Citizen’s credit, they occasionally throw in commentary from an atheist now, but I think the whole column is a travesty of good thinking.

    4 – The political spin. It’s one thing when columnists inject their personal spin into their writing. They’re columnists – that’s their job. However, I find the editorial spin of the Citizen to be a bit hard to take sometimes. The paper has very obvious pro- and anti- political stances at all levels of government. It clouds their coverage and skews the facts. I tolerate this because it’s still better coverage than The Sun, but it still sucks.

    All that said, they still are the least bad, so I feel kind of roped in.

    1. trashee says:

      I agree with all of your points, Squid-dude. But c’mon, as a fellow atheist, doesn’t your blood boil like the dickens when you happen across Warren’s ill-informed and biased trash?

      I know it’s not good practice because one misses out on the local news, but my wife and I don’t read any of the Ottawa tabloids.

      That being said, there are a few good columnists there. Matthew Pearson covers the education sector quite well. Kelly Egan and Dan Gardner are also usually a good read.

      1. I’m more annoyed that any newspaper in wide circulation would give Warren a forum for his fucktardery. I mean sure, Stormfront or Opus Dei might be interested in his ravings, but I am surprised a mainstream newspaper in a national capital would hire the guy.

        However, apparently people love him and that means he sells papers. Like it or not, that’s his job.

        Try to think of Warren this way. Every time you see his column you can think “wow, at least I’m not as big an asshole as that guy” and thereby feel just a little bit better about the day, no matter what happens.

  2. Sixth Estate says:

    The increasing number of journalists being given either sinecures (like Senate jobs) or genuine jobs in politics disturbs me deeply. The relationship between the media and the government ought to be a chilly one, not a revolving door.

    1. trashee says:

      I wholehearedly agree. Peter Kent. Pamela Wallin. Mike Duffy. The list is getting longer.

      The media were once the watchdogs over the pols but the fence has been lowered in recent times.

      There should be more debate about this, but (not surprisingly) it is in the background.

      Thanks for your comment!

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