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May 17th, 2011:

The Sixth Estate

I have run across this blog before and had intended on mentioning in a post… but other things got in the way, as I recall.

If you are looking for some well-written and thought-out views on Canadian politics – with a particular slant toward Canada’s media and the interface with the political levels – then this is a good place to check out on a regular basis.

Here’s a sample:

Stephen Harper’s campaign director, Guy Giorno, is giving a speech at the Economic Club of Canada on the subject of how they won the election and how “Harper is now poised to become one of Canada’s longest-serving prime ministers.” While it may well happen, I’d say it’s a trifle optimistic. He’s only halfway to cracking the top five, at which point he’ll be in fine company — two of the most corrupt prime ministers in our nation’s history and a third who is the only other one to date to try to shut down Parliament improperly. (Unlike Harper, King failed.) He’ll also be the first person in the top five who is neither a Grit nor a Tory. The current Conservative Party are not Tories. They are Reformers.

Reads like something the ol’ Trashmeister would say… but better-written, IMHO. And most of the posts are not long-winded essays that mine tend to be from time to time. Short. Snappy. And frequent. Nice.

Here is the link – plus I’ll be adding it to my blogroll over there in the right sidebar ————————————>



Two reasons why we cancelled our subscription…

…to the Ottawa Citizen.

  1. David Warren. His far-right and Catholic-infused rants pushed my BP into the danger zone on several occasions. Plus, he can’t write his way out of a wet paper bag.
  2. Randall Denley. Unlike the evangelical Warren, Denley can put together a coherent column from time to time. But again, his raging against liberalism and Liberalism was just too much for me to take without a helpin’ heap of Pepto!

But now Denley is running for Tim “I never met a lie I didn’t like” Hudak’s PCs in this fall’s Ontario election.

Maybe someone could recruit Warren to run for them somewhere. I hear the Family Coalition Party might be making a comeback. He’d be a perfect fit!

And if that happens, I’ll consider re-subscribing.