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Friday miscellany – where the f*** is spring edition

Good point made by the Edmonton Journal. Cut these young MPs like Ms. Brosseau some slack, please.

It’s not as if she’s the first -and certainly not the only surprised and ill-prepared candidate ever to find herself chosen by voters; even Albertans have sent the occasional MP to Ottawa that colleagues would prefer kept an initially low profile.

And yet, at 27, Brosseau has a unique opportunity in front of her, as do the many other newly minted, twentysomething MPs, to introduce fresh energy and ideas into a House of Commons grown fetid with petty, partisan and all-too-predictable old boy dialogue.

While the CPC and LPC rants about how much of a disaster these folks are going to be, the fact is that they are the democratically elected representatives of their ridings. They also, by signing on as candidates in the first place, consented to stand for public service. They, at the very least, should have some props thrown their way. And yes, maybe they will inject some life into the largely middle-aged white male private club that is the House of Commons.

Yeah, and yesterday’s “rally” by some anti-choice so-cons? Get used to it, Ottawa. We’re gonna see a lot more of this. And some of them are going to be even more fringe than these folks were. They gained some much more powerful friends on the Hill after the 2nd of May and will be using the next 4 years to push their agenda as forward as possible. Think of an anti-choice, pro-gun, anti-gay marriage, pro-capital punishment, anti pothead interest group!

And Mayor Watson? Bad move re: the declaration.

Ah. Apps on my iPhone 3 are crashing more and more. Built-in obsolescence is rearing its wasteful head. But ya ain’t getting me that easy, Mr. Jobs! I’m holding out till autumn even if it kills me!

Shout out to those folks who have been affected by the flooding in Québec and Manitoba. Hope you pull through this safe and sound.

Tony is coming! Tony is coming!! He’s gonna give the oil companies a good tongue lashing, he will. And Big Oil will cower! Yup.

Good luck to Shayne! If I have my times zones calculated correctly, the live show starts right about now! Good mo-jo coming your way!

Man, my allergies are bad this year! Reactine is making a fortune off me!

Finally, yeah. WTF! Where is Spring????


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