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Hate to poke fun…

….and I’m not, really… but this cartoon does say it all about the state of the Grits right now.

The big question for Liberals over the next little while is “what next?”. How can they extricate themselves from this mess that is largely their doing? How can they broaden their base and regain the confidence of Canadians while dealing with life as the third-party and the financial implications that this new state of being brings.

Do they elect a new leader as soon as possible or appoint an interim leader while a permanent leader rises to the surface over the next couple of years?

No easy answers there… and I sure as hell don’t have the solution. But I will say this: they had better get back on their bike double-quick… else, it will be too late for the next election. An election that many of us would like to be an active part of – as Liberals – or as part of a broader movement with like-minded progressive people.


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