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Shayne Orok and his Great Korean Adventure

As I mentioned in a post a short while ago, the son of a colleague of mine is deep into the field at a musical contest in Korea… in fact, he is now in the final four… in spite of the fact that he is not Korean and doesn’t speak the language!

I’ve been getting Facebook messages from his Mom over the course of all of this, but the story of Shayne’s Great Korean Adventure is pretty much unknown outside Korea and friends and family scattered through Canada and the Philippines.

Finally, after a retired colleague let local media know about what was happening, the story has been picked up by the Citizen.



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  1. Laura says:

    This is wonderful! I hope he wins but top four is an amazing accomplishment. Best of luck to Shayne.

    1. trashee says:

      Yeah – pretty amazing! I think CBC is going to do something on him as well.
      His Mom and Dad and brother are over the top about this – as are many of us!

      1. pslgreg says:

        I’ve been following Shayne on YouTube for a long time, and watching him perform always brings a smile.
        It seems that the Korean audience thinks he’s pretty awesome too, and it would be great to see him win, but what he has done so far is already extremely impressive. I can’t imagine what it’s like to spend months surrounded by people you don’t understand, while trying to learn the language, the lyrics, what they mean, and practice to perform the new everything on national tv, week after week. It seems to me that would be a lot of pressure, but he is handling it like a pro. Go Shayne ! ! !

        1. trashee says:

          For sure! The kid has a lot of guts! Pretty amazing indeed!

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