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I’m a bit politicked out…

and thanks to the Squid-dude, I had a good laugh that I want to share.

Check out his post.

These freaky über-Christians say that the “rapture” is coming soon! And the end of the world this Fall!


I’m glad I locked in my mortgage! No telling what will happen to interest rates once the whole rapture thingy goes down!

And yeah, speaking of raptures, Deborah Harry was smokin’!


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  1. bigwhite3000 says:

    This is not ‘Christians’ but a very small aberrant fringe group who follow and oddball Pastor.

    But for the purposes of antichristian rhetoric they will be referred to as ‘Christians’ so people can say “ya Christians are….insult..”

    By the way – Christians (and here I mean the far and wide general overall orthodox community at large) Christians have LONG AGO called this kook out. Then Christians called him out. Then Christians explained how they shame people. Christians by and large even made the effort to explain why they are wrong.

    But by all means use them like ‘Westboro Baptist’ or that Koran-burning cult kook.
    If you can keep doing this it will make the public ‘feel’ like this is ‘always happening’ sorta thing.

    Reality – small aberrant kook group. There are larger groups of non-Christian ‘secular’ kooks predicting end times or global warming apocalypse or drinking kool-aid to fly to comets.

    1. trashee says:

      I know. But these kooks do technically fall under the “Christian” moniker, right? Though I totally do get that they are not at all representative of most Christians….
      Hey- writing this on the bus and I just saw them out again on Slater!

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