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I’m pissed off with my country…

And afraid about what the next several years will bring.

But now that the initial anger is wearing off, I am more determined than ever to work with like-minded progressives in ensuring that the Harper government does NOT destroy my country over the next four years and does NOT receive a mandate beyond that time.

I won’t sugar-coat it, the next few years will be messy. Public health care will be eroded. The public service will be gutted. And social con measures will be quietly integrated into policy. The evangelical Christians and the like have been Harper’s biggest supporters – and it is payback time.

How to work toward minimising the damage? The first step is to merge the Liberals and the NDP. The divided progressive vote handed the Cons their majority. Just look at the seats they gained in T.O. And this has to be done soon. Inside a year.

And Liberal and Dipper poobahs? If you do this, I will be there with my support, my time and my cheque book.

don’t do it and this country is looking at successive Con majorities.


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