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Please vote!

But not for the Harper Conservatives.

And here’s why:

1)    They have demonstrated nothing but contempt for Parliament and for the two-thirds of Canadians who do not necessarily share their point of view. This must NOT be rewarded!

2)    They lie. About everything. About doctored docs. About the budget. About the cost of the jets and the G 20. About mega-prisons for phantom criminals. They only tell the truth if there is a political advantage to it, speaking of which…

3)    Unless there is political advantage to be gained, they are not interested in your ideas.  Or the ideas of experts, the provincial governments, the Opposition parties or the guy on the corner asking for change. They implement no policy, utter no statement or take no position unless they see a spin that works in their favour. This is not sound policy-making. This is propaganda-making.

4)    They have also scorned the valuable advice of our impartial public servants. This is because they a) thing the public service is out to get them and b) despise fact-based decision-making if the facts don’t support their dogma. Information is the enemy to them.

5)    They govern through fear. Fear of socialist hordes descending upon Ottawa if the NDP does well today. Fear of terrorists. Fear of economic meltdown. Fear works. Fear keeps the populace submissive.

6)    Wasted money. Our money. The G 8 and Tony’s gazebo and the jackbooted security at the G 20 photo-op. Fake lakes. Untendered contracts. Media control centres. He won’t even listen to the very same Parliamentary Budget Officer that he himself appointed! A fiscal conservative like me is appalled by this!

7)    They have ruined Canada’s reputation abroad. We were once thought of as the dependable power-broker. No more. We are seen as a bully on the block much like our neighbours to the south. A bully with the worst environmental record in the Western hemisphere! Speaking of which…

8)    They have done absolutely nothing for the environment. Brian Mulroney was perhaps the greenish PM in history. Too bad the Harperites didn’t follow suit.

9)    They want to cut a valuable tool for our police – the gun registry. Even the cops say that it should stay! I have to register my car, why not my guns?

10)    The Cons have played politics down to the lowest common denominator. It can get no lower. I as a Canadian, expect a high level of discourse and debate from those who govern me. There is no debate. Only hate, paranoia and dogma.

11)    The total control exercised by the PMO over the Ministers renders to the level of lapdogs some very fine members of the CPC caucus. They are muzzled under threat of retribution. This is not a way to run a government. This is not a way to run a party.

12)    This control has resulted in a lack of transparency unparalleled in western democracies. Decisions are taken by a handful of staff at the beck of the PMO.  And the media is being spoon fed only what the PMO chooses.

13)    Finally, this government has divided this country is such a way that I wonder if the schisms thus created can ever be closed. East vs. West. Rural vs. Urban. Tim Horton’s patrons vs. Starbucks. Divide and conquer has been the ReformCons mantra. Divide them. Scare them. Rule them.

So vote, my friends. Please vote. But don’t forget the past…


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