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May, 2011:

Hooray for Winnipeg!!!!

About time!

Now let’s see about getting a team back to Québec City and another one for Ontario and maybe the Maritimes!

Bettman? Your great experiment is a failure!

I do happen to feel a little sorry for those fans in Atlanta… all 60 of them!


Al Capone would be proud of Ontario!

Ontario may relax their antiquated liquor laws a wee bit this summer, but they are sure not going to do CRAZY things like allow the sale of beer and wine in convenience stores! Oh no! Anarchy would reign!!!!

Just look at what happened in la belle province!

Look at them! Buncha drunks, I tell ya!

Best comment on the MotherCorp article:

The 1920s called. They want their laws back.



And under the title of “who gives a crap”…

… their royal inbredednesses are in Bytown over Canada Day…

Hmmm… maybe book the Thursday off too and head off to Montréal until they leave.

Of course, The Robot is drooling WD-40…

Canadians hold The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in very high esteem and look forward to welcoming them as they embark on their first official Royal Tour as newlyweds,” Prime Minister Stephen Harper said in a statement. “The couple’s decision to visit Canada first is a testament to our country’s close relationship with the Crown and Royal Family, and an opportunity for all Canadians to take pride in our traditions, history, and institutions.”

Well, THIS Canadian does NOT hold them in high esteem. NOR does he welcome them anymore than I would welcome any other visitor to Canada. The ONLY close relationship I have with the royals is the unfortunate fact that there’s an old lady’s face on the coins in my pocket. AND MAYBE IT IS TIME TO DUMP SOME ANTIQUATED AND USELESS INSTITUTIONS!!!
Man, I’m a sonofabitch today! Must be the killer toothache that I have had for the past few weeks… off to my first root canal on Wednesday. Yay.



Is Barca the best side ever?


But it is tough to compare across the ages.

For hockey fans, it is kind of like comparing the Oilers to the Habs, dynasty-wise.

But man, that match yesterday was a joy to watch – and not just because Manure Utd came out on the short end of the stick.

One touch, one touch, one touch… simply amazing.

Congrats to Barca… as a Gooner, they are what I hope our side aspires to and soon achieves. Arsenal has most of the talent. Add a couple of centre-backs and for gawds sake, acquire a top-notch keeper… and we’ll be there!



Importance of the gun registry…

… to victims of gun crimes.

The Cons aren’t going to change their dogmatic minds on this as they pander to rural votes (picture an Alberta rancher out huntin’ coyotes!), but the Registry works – at least to some degree. Knowing if there are arms in a house before knocking on a door is an invaluable piece of intelligence for law enforcement folks. Even if you dispute the effectiveness of preventing gun crimes, you can’t deny that.

The operating costs are not high, and it is praised by the RCMP and the body that represents Canadian Chiefs of Police.

As a rule, I don’t trust cops or their opinions a helluva lot… yeah, yeah, I know that there are exceptions… but this is one area where i think we should take their word for it.

But I’m blowing into the wind here… and I know it.


I had forgotten how beautiful this duet is:


Friday miscellany – today, presented by the letter “H”…

Holy Cow! OC Transpo! Get your act in gear!

I waited for more than 6 min at Hurdman in pouring rain for a bus to Tunney’s! Fridays are ALWAYS like this! I am THAT close to getting a parking pass!


Heavy duty OCDSB budget surplus. Some want to hire more teachers. Others want to invest it in capital projects. Here’s the thing- once the surplus is depleted, how will the Board afford to pay those new teachers ? Seems to be contributing to a chronic problem rather than solving it. Yeah, it would be nice to have more staff, but given that it should be the PROVINCE who picks up the tab for teacher salaries, the Board should take the opportunity to invest in the infrastructure that Queens Park seems loathe to do.

But hey. What do I know?


Speaking of schools, my thoughts go out to that young man who died in that tragic accident yesterday. Too young.


Hey! If you live in my neck of the woods, or not, and have some ideas about public parks and what they should look like, let me know! I am sitting on a committee that Councillor Peter Hume has set up to look at what can be done with Canterbury Park -> updating-wise.  Part of this, I am sure, will include consultations with the wider user community. So consider this a personal call for advice! I have done some initial research and there are some amazing things that can be done with public space to make it more attractive, accessible and fun. Check these folks out, for example.


Heard about this yesterday…Tim Hudak wants to introduce chain gangs as a way to make prisoners “earn their keep”. Dammit.

Here’s a good quote:

“I thought Tim Hudak was running for the premier of Ontario, not the governor of Alabama,” said Warren (Smokey) Thomas, president of the Ontario Public Service Employees Union.

C’mon “Cool Hand Luke” was a good flick about 40 years ago, but is a bit dated now!

And holy crap! Do we really want convicted felons anywhere near our families? Seriously? THAT is not what I had in mind when I penned the little bit above about park rehabilitation! I don’t want them anywhere NEAR our parks.

Give your head a shake, Hudak. Saying crap like this fits right into the Con tendency to preach into the “bumper sticker politics” mode, but this just doesn’t make any sense at all!


Hmmm… I just realised something. Many of the politicians who I despise the most have surnames that start with the latter “H”!


Is that weird, or what?


Hell yeah, the weather is pretty crappy in Ottawa these days, but…

A tornado: Ten. Kilometres. Long. One. Kilometre. Wide. This thing tore up asphalt.


That is something out of an end of the earth movie!

What’s with all of the wacky weather lately? Doesn’t there seem to be a lot of this going down lately?

And NO, it is NOT a rapture in slo-mo!

One consequence of high GHGs and the resultant change in our climate is the more frequent occurrence of extreme weather. Nature likes balance and it’s a little out of whack at the moment.

Sending good vibes to those affected by the tragedies in Missouri and elsewhere in the States…


Heard that Bob Rae is the new Interim Liberal Leader. Not a bad choice, but I didn’t like the lack of transparency around this decision. C’mon Grits.. start getting your act in gear and enough of this petty infighting!

Predictably, the Cons – still and always in election mode – launched personal attacks.

Big surprise.


Helluva tough thing for a lifetime member of Leaf Nation to throw support behind someone else, even temporarily…. buuuttt..



Finally, I want to wish my littlest bro’ a happy 38th birthday!!!!

Hey Rob! You’re getting to be as old as dirt! Just like me!



Murders and suicides with firearms…

Note: The registration portion of the Firearms Act was implemented in 2001 and became mandatory in 2003.

I put this table together because of a Twitter conversation that was going back and forth about murder, suicides and firearms.

So here is a fact-based, empirical set of data on what went down between 2000 and 2007.

For me, the striking thing is the decrease of firearm related suicides. Quite remarkable.

I should mention that these data are publicly available and accessible at no cost.

What other conclusions do you draw from the data?


Using technology to…

…educate kids and parents about how to avoid potentially dangerous situations and help to find children who have gone missing.

Did you know that each year around 50,000 kids go missing in Canada? Crazy!

This is a great initiative – and long overdue! 

Operated by the Canadian Centre for Child Protection,’s primary functions include:

  • Assisting in the location of missing children
  • Providing educational materials to help prevent children from going missing
  • Offering information and a response centre on missing children
  • Coordinating efforts to assist stakeholders in the delivery of missing children services

This is a charitable organization that deserves your support. Each pay cheque, I give a not-insignificant sum to Kid’s Help Phone and Child Find as part of the Government of Canada’s United Way drive. I’ll be adding this group to my list when the United Way coordinator makes her way to my cube.


I might give up on CBC Radio… it’s going to the dogs…

… or at least Ottawa Morning. The banal banter is becoming too much to take at 5:30ish.

And you know what has been bugging me most of all lately? Each day, The topic du jour seems to have something to do with pets…dogs in particular.

Alert! If you a “dog-lover”, then this is fair warning that you will not like anything that I write from this point onward!

Anyone who knows me at all will know that I’m not really a pet-lover, in general, and am especially not fond of dogs. I have a thousand reasons why and I’m not going to go into it here. Trying to explain my feelings about dogs to dog lovers is akin to explaining my feelings about Catholicism to a believer. It is just a frustrating experience for all involved.


So the folks on CBC have been going on and on over the past several months about how super-duper it is to be a dog owner. What kind of training is best. Advice on how to choose a dog from the pound. There was even much fawning over someone who owns a spa for canines. Yes. A spa. Guess P. T. Barnum was dead on, eh?

But one thing that irks me most about dogs are not the critters themselves, but their owners. Yeah, the dogs smell like hell, leave their excrement hither and yon, deposit their hair wherever they please, cost a fortune in vet bills, track mud into the house, slobber, try to get up close and personal with any human leg they can find, cause my allergies to flare up and face it – most of them are as dumb as a post.

But the owners? Especially those who think that everyone in the world loves their beast as much as they do? Well, they take the proverbial gateau!

Case in point. I’m walking to my bus stop yesterday when dude with dog approaches me on the sidewalk. As they approach said dog starts doing the hokey-pokey as if it’s glad to see me.  We meet and the guy and his dog actually stop as if I am supposed to bend down and pet the damned thing.

Of course, I just keep walking. And from behind me I hear this “Harummph! Well, I still love you Pooky” (or some equally inane name). The guy was really put out that I didn’t stop, scratch the flea-bitten beast behind its ears while uttering inanities like “oooo.. aren’t you the cute one…”


Look. I get that some otherwise normal peeps dig dogs. And some dogs are really useful – like guide dogs, canine cops and farm dogs.  They are also a source of comfort for the ill, the elderly and those with mental illness. I’m not dissing the whole species and I most certainly would never ever harm one of the slobbering, sniffing fools.

But if you see me on the street, and you’re walking you pet, don’t expect me to pet it.

And Ottawa Morning? Stop the fluffy chatter about dogs! You’re turning this listener off! And you’re starting to sound like these kooks!

Gimme people any day. Even conservatives. At least they don’t pant and drool and sometimes have something to contribute to society…

Well, most of them… but…. not all of them…