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Latest polls – Hell hath become chilly

This morning’s results. The slide continues for the Grits. At this rate, they’ll be lucky to be the fourth party.
Can they turn it around? Will Chretien’s involvement make a difference this late in the game? Harper is ignoring the NDP rise – is this a good strategy, or could it backfire? What kind of beer should I buy for Monday night?

Canada Trendline [PDF]

Conservative 36.6% -1.2
NDP 30.4% +2.6
Liberal 21.9% -1.0
BQ 6.0% +0.2
Green 4.1% -0.6

(3 days ending April 27)

And from

Interesting how things have changed since the debates, eh?


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  2. janfromthebruce says:

    We are rocking!

  3. Ken says:

    I think a fascinating change is occuring in our political landscape. I think this change has been long in coming, and I think this election was the trigger event.

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