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April 28th, 2011:

Latest polls – Hell hath become chilly

This morning’s results. The slide continues for the Grits. At this rate, they’ll be lucky to be the fourth party.
Can they turn it around? Will Chretien’s involvement make a difference this late in the game? Harper is ignoring the NDP rise – is this a good strategy, or could it backfire? What kind of beer should I buy for Monday night?

Canada Trendline [PDF]

Conservative 36.6% -1.2
NDP 30.4% +2.6
Liberal 21.9% -1.0
BQ 6.0% +0.2
Green 4.1% -0.6

(3 days ending April 27)

And from

Interesting how things have changed since the debates, eh?


Royal wedding crap – puh-leeze!

Hey! Any party willing to say that they will work toward Canada dropping this Middle Ages anachronism and become a republic?



I’m tuning out radio, TV and newpapers for 48 hours in a (likely vain) attempt to avoid this fluff.

That is all.


Devestation! Destruction!

And a Huriphoonado will be sure to come if the NDP – gasp – ever gains power or even a sniff of it!

Here’s Steve:

The alternative that the opposition offers, symbolized most dramatically by the NDP, are enormous increases in government expenses, the raising of taxes, the raising of prices which we know will have a devastating effect on consumers’ pockets and ultimately on our economy and the destruction of jobs.

Run away! Run away! Jack and his evil band of granola-munching socialists will find you and take away your kittens if you don’t do what they say!

Steve will save your kittens though!
Stephen LOVES kittens!
Sigh. C’mon, people! This is not Castro we’re talking about! It’s not even Chavez! Jack Layton and the NDP are a part of our democracy with some ideas and policies that might be a bit different from the two traditional governing parties. But they are NOT out to nationalize anything, for cripe’s sake! The world will not end if they ever became the government! Bay Street might not like it and the oil sand barons certainly wouldn’t but THOSE aren’t the guys in charge!
Clearly, Harper is panicking and the CPC is poised to unleash a whole new set of attack ads on the weekend aimed at Layton and his socialist hordes!
Gonna be a fun last few days!