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So, how bad might it be for the Grits?

If you are a Liberal and you’re watching the results roll in on the night of May 2, it might be very, very bad.

Or not.

Or just a little bad.

But if you are a non-partisan progressive, it may be good.

Or very, very good.

Or just OK.

Much of how this game of thrones plays out hinges on turnout – especially in Ontario, where the Liberal vote has more or less done a deep six, but the Dippers have yet to pick up the slack. Québec is also a wildcard. Are the former Bloc supporters really giving up on Duceppe? Québec voters have proven to be volatile in the past – and they may once more prove themselves so.

I’m not at all going to get into WHY this happened; that can wait until later. But the polls are consistently showing that there has been a steady shift to the Blue team and the Orange side. And if the Dipper support in Ontario, which is currently stagnant, takes an upswing like elsewhere in Canada, the Grits had better stock up on some good scotch on May 2 and for the next 4 years… cuz there be bad times comin’ .

It will be interesting to see the Nanos poll tomorrow morning.



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  1. RunnertheFirst says:

    One good thing from a LPC point of view is what will happen after this election if dire things happen to the LPC vote. They have a summer convention which will likely become a leadership review. The LPC will have an opportunity to actually elect a leader based upon consensus rather than perform a coronation like the last time. I believe the LPC will be stronger the next time around if they do a little soul searching and run a decent leadership contest with the slate of experienced knowledgeable candidates at their disposal. The ones that were ignored and passed over when the Count was crowned.

  2. That rise in NDP tells me we’re headed for a Conservative majority. Dark times are ahead.

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