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Just a “minute” there, Ottawa City Hall!

Seriously, the Council voted for cutting out the minutes?


Why? To save a few bucks?

Instead, they will replace the text with an (unsearchable) audio system:

Adding the new audio records will cost the city about $17,000 a year, a sum one would have thought could be sucked up somewhere in its $2.3 billion operating budget. Instead, councillors decided to invoke the generally-wise principle of not adding a new cost without cutting something to pay for it. As it turns out, they can cut the proper records of public meetings and come out $25,000 ahead. Another good day’s work.

Democracy costs something and information is the lifeblood of democracy. This is not something you sacrifice to save a few dollars.

That is ridiculous!

Detailed minutes are a clear and transparent account of Council’s proceedings, who spoke for what, who spoke against it, etc. This is standard practice elsewhere.  It is important.

I also notice in Denley’s column that Council is reviewing the role of its volunteer advisory committees.

Maybe that is why I haven’t heard back about my applications…



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  1. Remember, a few comments back I said something to the effect that Ottawa Council was disconnected from realit. This minutes thing is concrete proof, if the bi-weekly garbage collection didn’t make it clear already.

    No minutes = no accountability.

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