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Kinsella is correct – Harper’s agenda is not hidden

In summary:

That is what 4 years of a Harper majority will bring us. We are already pariahs on the world stage. he will make us a laughingstock.

If you want this, then go ahead, vote Harper.

If you don’t vote for someone else.

Don’t tell me that this is poppycock and all I am doing is scaremongering. Harper has made his views very clear on these issues over the years. And his evangelical Christian backers want some payback for their loyalty.


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  1. trashee says:

    I haven’t had to delete a comment in a long time. But language like that is not allowed in this forum.

  2. Scrapping the long gun registry != no gun control. We had pretty effective gun control in this country for 40ish years before we had a long gun registry.

    1. b c leonard says:

      We did not have a useful gun control.
      Harper’s agenda is not hidden. Anyone with open eyes can see it plainly and it’s frightening.

  3. If Harper does get his majority, I do not think that Harper’s agenda will be hidden. I do think that he will be incremental. For example, I don’t think Harper would bring in a law banning abortion outright. He may bring in one that bans abortion after the second trimester (seems redundant). He needs to keep a carrot in front of his evangelical supporters so that he can promise them a ban after the first trimester after the following election.

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