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April 17th, 2011:

Not telling you who TO vote for…

Great vid on why you should vote for anyone but Harper.

Watch this and think… think really hard if you are thinking of marking a “X” beside the Harper Party candidate in your riding.


Kinsella is correct – Harper’s agenda is not hidden

In summary:

That is what 4 years of a Harper majority will bring us. We are already pariahs on the world stage. he will make us a laughingstock.

If you want this, then go ahead, vote Harper.

If you don’t vote for someone else.

Don’t tell me that this is poppycock and all I am doing is scaremongering. Harper has made his views very clear on these issues over the years. And his evangelical Christian backers want some payback for their loyalty.


Harper – and his long nose – inspires FEAR!

I love how Gable made Stevo’s nose extra long…