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OK, so THAT is over with…

Sadly, the debates are over… so who do you think outperformed the others in the French debate last night?

If you don’t understand French, which leader had the coolest tie?

Why were all of the questions posed by those “random” folks asked only by older white peeps? Where were the young ‘uns? Non-whites?

What was the point of the “Americanisation” question?

Layton’s French was pretty damned good, eh?

En français, un robot est encore un robot…

Meanwhile, keeping with the approach that “any press is good press”, there seems to be a new controversy building in the CPC ranks – this time in Vaughan, Ontario, where Julian Fantino is running for re-election.

Two members of the Conservative Vaughan Riding Association, north of Toronto, have resigned, one after accusing candidate Julian Fantino of “patronage.”

Richard Lorello resigned from the riding association on April 4, over a $10-million grant to the Vaughan Health Campus of Care.

“I didn’t think it was appropriate because the people who head up (the VHCC) were heavily involved in Mr. Fantino’s campaign,” Lorello said, in reference to the November 2010 byelection held in Vaughan.

The VHCC is a private, not-for-profit organization attempting to bring a new hospital to the Vaughan region.

At this rate, the Grits really don’t have to do too much… just sit back and watch the ReformCons implode!

Finally, for your  Thursday viewing pleasure:


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