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Now there is no doubt, Stephen Harper is indeed a robot…

The icy and unfeeling glare of his dead eyes.

His hair that doesn’t move.

His hands’ jerky motions.

The way he unbuttons his jacket.

The complete lack of passion in his speech.

Can there be any doubt that the leader of the CPC is really just an assembly of diodes, chips and plastic who plugs himself in at night to re-charge his lithium batteries?

But don’t take my word for it.


Is Stephen Harper really a robot?

The short answer… Yes. Yes he is. Yup


He was created by Sky Net and is a terminator sent from the future. His position in government allows him not to arouse suspicion as all people in government operate similar to robots. Also everytime he stands up he buttons his suit jacket and when he sits down he unbuttons it. This is the first sign of a robot, as they are programmed to do this so they can find others. Yes. There are more out there.

There’s a Facebook page!

Even an American site proclaims him to be one!


A little known fact is that Harper is actually some form of super intelligent Robot/Cyborg (and by super intelligent I do mean dumb as a deranged letter opener). His plans include stealing the brains of everyone in the legislature; fortunately for the cabinet Harper has yet to find any semblance of brains within the Canadian parliament.

Though, the site does say he is NOT a vampire!

So there you have it. The current PM is a robot. And, if Scott Feschuk is to be believed (and why wouldn’t he?), PMSH could be part of the vanguard of robotic overloads who are preparing to invade our planet! But this might be a good thing!

It’s been a while since I raised the potential threat posed by robots. In fact, it’s been so long that some readers have emailed to accuse me of having been bought off and silenced by the menacing robo-industrial complex. Let me assure you: nothing, with the exception of a Conservative TV commercial depicting Stephen Harper as empathetic, could be further from the truth.

But my thinking has definitely evolved. A year ago, I described the many horrors of the forthcoming robocalypse and how—thanks to advances in robotics—all humanity is destined to lead lives that are much more leisurely and, come the blood-soaked dawn of the robot revolution, much more over.






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  1. derek says:

    Actually, he’s a Cylon:

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