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Those crazy kids at the U of O

Inexplicably, applications for the University of Ottawa have shot up dramatically in the past day.

The students association at the University of Ottawa wants people in residence to be able to live with members of the opposite sex in the same dorm room.

“The students who are living in residence are able to work full-time, they’re able to vote, they’re able to drop out of university, they can make all these decisions, but then to have the university decide who’s able to be their roommate and not doesn’t seem to make a great deal of sense,” said Ted Horton, the vice-president of university affairs for the Student Federation of the University of Ottawa.

Um, yeah.
And what does the University administration think? They must be all over this progressive thinking!
Um, no.

“We don’t see the need, we don’t feel the need, we don’t get any requests to that respect,” said Pierre La Roche, a spokesman for the university’s housing and convention services department.

“We’re dealing with individuals that are so young that keeping that policy for the time being just seems right.”

Look, just do what we did when I was in undergrad – have a second home!
At Trent, we had an all-women wing of the College called the “South Wing”. And on any given night (especially, for some reason, on pub nights), as many men as women could be seen streaming down the stairs in time for breakfast (or lunch). Stick with the informal arrangements y’all… do you REALLY want to enshrine this and get the cranky old men on the Board of Directors all involved?
No. You don’t.


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  1. Students too lazy to walk across the campus for a booty call is indicative of something, I think…

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