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Just to repeat – the 100K gazebo. Remember.

This is where your tax dollars ended up.

So it’s only 100K? Right?

100K buys a low income family a decent living arrangement.

100K buys a whole lot of food for a food bank.

100K buys more than a few boxes of textbooks for our kids.

100K could have been spent better.



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  1. Just as a reminder, you can put that $100K of Conservative waste toward paying down this (from the previous thread):

    1. The shafting of the maritime shipbuilders in favour of “shoring up” the “flagging” Quebec shipbuilding industy (where no ships had been built in 200 years) by splitting the Navy’s frigate contract with Quebec despite the vastly superior capabilities of NB, NS, NL, and ON. Decided back before the summer of 1983, this $966 million (1983) fiasco was a clear political ploy to buy cool points in Quebec at any cost. This was a Liberal government under John Turner. Time would show the Quebec built ships to be inferior and require refit and modification.

    Because that $100K could pay about 1 second worth of interest on the waste that the Liberals brought with the shipbuilding contract.

    Come up with billions of dollars of actual, spent waste, and you can talk… and the stimulus doesn’t count because people literally BEGGED for that, so it’s fair to assume that any government would have been pinned on that.

  2. Dave says:

    How can you possibly compare these trivial purchases with the overwhelmingly important job of ensuring Tony Clement stays in parliament and in government.

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