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Disgusting – but not surprising… CPC sign brigade…

Updated, Apr. 3.

This was picked up by the Star.

Look, I know that I can’t draw a straight line between this cowardly act and the teams behind Polievre and Baird, but c’mon… even if the perps aren’t card-carrying members of the CPC, they are almost certainly supporters.


  • Only Keon’s signs were targeted with the graffiti – NDP and GPC signs were knocked down… but the Keon signs were the only ones targeted with this “message”.
  • This happens in every election. But it always seems to be the Liberal signs that are hit. If someone can prove otherwise, I will stand corrected.
  • This stuff – and the language on the sign – is more in line with the lunatic fringes CPC supporters. Can anyone really imagine a “granola chewing, tree hugging” Dipper doing this? The Greens??? That’s just laughable!

Anyhow, I’ll back down a little from any direct blame… but not completely. One thing is for sure – this was not the work of gangs!


Check it out:

And you can be damn sure that it ain’t Dipper or GPC party supporters behind this.

Crosshairs. Shittt, mon.

So typical.

Kick pretty boy Polievre OUT!


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  1. RealGrouchy says:

    The Star article refers to the symbols as crosshairs, which could well be, but isn’t that also a white supremacist symbol?

    Squid – if one were doing vandalism for vandalism’s sake, wouldn’t they just draw a penis instead of a political message?

    – RG>

    1. If the intent of the vandalism is to torque someone up, there’s very few better ways than concocting some made-up political message.

      Obviously it works, as this very blog article shows.

      +1 to the vandals.

      I can remember running around putting stuff like “fuck NDP mouth-breathers” on NDP signs and walking two blocks over to put “fuck conservative bastards” on a tory sign.

      It’s kids being asses, nothing more.

  2. Ken says:

    You drew a conlusion based on assumptions. While I agree they are in all likelihood right-wingers, the fact that the left-wing parties weren’t affected the same way tells me this is more of a Liberal party hate going on.

    That could come from anywhere, really. It maybe even possibly be directed at Keon himself, which is even worse.

    And talk about closed-minded… CPC=fascist? WTF?? Do you even live in this country? Go live in a country where fascism or the like exists for real and then let me know if Canada’s so bad then.

  3. When I was a teen, I used to vandalize signs. I did this not for political reasons, but because I had too much time on my hands.

    As a Conservative party member later in life, however, I’d go out and fix signs – ANY CANDIDATE’S SIGN.

    1. trashee says:

      As would I, Squid dude…

  4. Ken says:

    Why would you assume it’s CPC supporters? Closed minded of you, Trashy.

    1. Mike says:

      Uhm cuz across 2 biennially ridings (NC & OWN) this same vandalism was done to Liberal signs only. Green signs were stolen and knocked down. NDP signs were destroyed. ONLY CPC signs of Baird and Poilievre were left untouched.

      Teenagers? Really? Bored enough to do this to 200+ signs across 2 ridings in one night but only targetting one party?

      Baloney. The idiots that did this are sitting in Greenfields drinking beer right now, glad-handing about their great blow to the “liebrals”…

      I have never voted Liberal. I have spoiled my ballot in every election since 1993 because no party represents my deeply fiscal conservative and extreme social liberal views (libertarian for lack of a better name). You know what? I might vote Liberal this time around just to get rid of the proto fascist thugs in CPC

      1. trashee says:

        Mike – you and I think the same way… maybe we should register a new party?
        Please see my update to the original post.
        While I don’t think that Le petit “P” or Pit Bull Baird were out there themselves doing this, I still maintain that, in all likelihood, the perps were, at the very least, CPC sympathisers.

      2. 200 signs in one night? Easily teenagers. All one party? convenience.

        In fact, if you want to pull out the “who has the most to gain”, don’t discount the fact that Liberal supporters could have vandalized the signs in order to:

        1) get free publicity for Keon; and
        2) make people think that Poilievre’s secret cabal is out being jackasses.

        Without a doubt, Keon has the most to gain, politically, from vandalizing his own signs.

    2. trashee says:

      Hi Ken – not closed minded.. just drawing a conclusion.. albeit tenuous… I updated the original post.

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