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April 2nd, 2011:

Disgusting – but not surprising… CPC sign brigade…

Updated, Apr. 3.

This was picked up by the Star.

Look, I know that I can’t draw a straight line between this cowardly act and the teams behind Polievre and Baird, but c’mon… even if the perps aren’t card-carrying members of the CPC, they are almost certainly supporters.


  • Only Keon’s signs were targeted with the graffiti – NDP and GPC signs were knocked down… but the Keon signs were the only ones targeted with this “message”.
  • This happens in every election. But it always seems to be the Liberal signs that are hit. If someone can prove otherwise, I will stand corrected.
  • This stuff – and the language on the sign – is more in line with the lunatic fringes CPC supporters. Can anyone really imagine a “granola chewing, tree hugging” Dipper doing this? The Greens??? That’s just laughable!

Anyhow, I’ll back down a little from any direct blame… but not completely. One thing is for sure – this was not the work of gangs!


Check it out:

And you can be damn sure that it ain’t Dipper or GPC party supporters behind this.

Crosshairs. Shittt, mon.

So typical.

Kick pretty boy Polievre OUT!