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April 1st, 2011:

I am super happy to announce the following…

After a spiritual awakening that occurred at about 3:09 this morning, I have decided to discard the Trashy’s World that existed pre-3:09 am and instead dedicate it to the following purposes:

1) Praise and nothing but praise for our Prime Minister Stephen Harper! He, and those good men and women who serve him tirelessly are good and right. They always have been and always will be. This blog shall become a shrine to Good Stephen… and those who serve him.

2) I will post in praise of Ontario’s separate school system. I now see that a system of education that eschews God is a tool for the Devil. I will immediately be registering my children in Ottawa’s Catholic School system… or an even more traditional and pious system, if I can find one.

3) I shall no longer criticize those of Faith. Indeed, they and I are now one! I may even enter the priesthood if my wife is OK with that.

4) I shall no longer worship false idols like the Toronto Maple Leafs, Arsenal, Honesty in Politics, or Nice Weather. Instead, I shall honour only Saint Stephen and that big bearded guy in the sky.

5) This blog will nevermore use reason, evidence-based facts or logic upon which to make an argument. It will instead use dogma and spiritual guidance… and whatever Stephen says.

6) Speaking of the Leafs, I shall no longer… cheer for them… instead, I throw all of my allegiance behind the, uh, Montre….


Happy April Fool’s Day everyone!