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March 22nd, 2011:

Off to the polls – and may Harper be out of a job soon!

Here is a link to the Budget that the NDP will not support.

So we are heading to the polls.

And I for one will do whatever I can to ensure the defeat of the Harper Government. I am non-partisan, but cannot abide the arrogance of this Government any longer.

Harper. Baird. Polievre. Toews. They. All. Must. Go.


Another reason why I am happy to be a Canadian…

According to Gallup, 40% of Americans believe that humans were created by a “god” in the past 10,000 years while this number is only 14% north of the border.

I love Americans. I truly do. They are an amazing people. But I just don’t understand them sometimes. They voted in Dubya twice. Indebted themselves into oblivion. And 4 out of ten of them, like our own Stockwell Day, think that humans played with dinosaurs.

A cousin of mine who is an ex-pat Québécois living in Tennessee, once remarked to me on Facebook that in the States, unlike Canada, religion and faith is everywhere. You can’t get away from it. With data like these, I think I understand what he said a bit better.

But still – wow. What a difference.

And I bet that if you removed the Alberta respondents, the 14% would drop into the single digits.

But if we’re so smart, why:

  • Do we keep voting in the ReformCons?
  • Have Ontario voters not pushed governments to abolish the separate schools system?
  • Do we have voting rates in the 50’s?
  • Does our weather suck so much?

OK – the last point is just me whining.