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March 20th, 2011:

“Super” moon – hmm… or another Con trick?

A whole lot of people were all a gaga over the so-called super moon that appeared in the early night skies last evening.


Hardly! Just look:Whooped-dee-do. Looked like the same plain old boring rock that has been in the sky since I can remember. A bit brighter, sure, but no biggie. And certainly not super. Not even colourful… c’mon…

This is a super moon:

That would make me look up into the sky more often!

So why the big deal? Why was such a hubbub made of a dreary rock.

My theory? This whole super moon thing was yet another attempt by the HarperCons to redirect the voting public’s attention away from their lies, bullying and stories involving hookers escorts. In fact, they haven’t sent any CF 18s off to Libya – not at all! But they did need a plausible reason to explain the absence of the planes from their home bases to hide the true purpose of the mission. Hence, we are being led to believe that they are fighting the good fight in northern Africa!

Yes folks, the Harperites have resorted to spraying large quantities of a substance (know as magnificino acid) into the upper atmosphere that has the effect of making the cosmos more brilliant! The moon appeared brighter, Mars will be a magenta beacon, Saturn’s rings will appear to spin and the Northern Lights will light up like strobes in a funky club!

And the ReformCons, my friends, have oodles of cash to ensure that word spread of this impending “phenomenon”. Pretty easy for the PMO to call up the media outlets and promise huge ad buys over the coming weeks – as long as they play ball with this big moon thing.

Makes a twisted kind of sense, eh?

And all to distract us from the issues that the Opposition will surely want to focus on during the upcoming election campaign!

Shame, Steven, shame!


A follow up to my post on the school kids in Morinville, Alberta

A while back, I wrote this piece about non-Catholic kids in this small Alberta community being forced to attend a Catholic school.

The Alberta Education Minister, Dave Hancock, seems to agree that a way must be found to provide a secular education to families on the area.

They have a legitimate beef, says Hancock. “I think that they’re entitled to a public education that doesn’t include religion,” he said in an interview.

The columnist goes even further and notes:

Frankly, I think the denominational school system should be relegated to the dustbin of history. Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario are the only provinces that still maintain publicly funded separate schools. Quebec got rid of the denominational system years ago with very little fuss.

Newfoundland replaced its church-run schools with a public system about a decade ago after a referendum. The world didn’t fall apart there, either.

Catholics, Muslims, Jews, Hindus and any other religious group has the right to educate their children in a faith-based system if they choose – but it should not be on the public’s dime.

In the meantime, it is encouraging that the Alberta government is on its way to correcting this injustice.