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Friday, er, Saturday miscellany

Japan. Send money. Volunteer. Do what you can.

As for praying…


Sex. Yes, SEX is making an appearance in a Canadian political scandal! It is, in a so-Canadian-way, a backdoor appearance, but, still there! Woo-hoo! We’re at 10% on the Clinton Scale! GO Canada GO!


New Grit ads. I like ’em. Not enough to make me wanna sign up for a Grit membership card, but I do think that there is an adviser in Iggy’s sphere of influence who is not totally spaced out on meth. Props.


Hey! Didja see that the Pope-dude is not so hot on Jee-zus anymore?

In a routine papal blessing Sunday at St. Peter’s Square, Benedict made far fewer mentions of Jesus than usual and only cited scripture twice, opting instead for such uncharacteristic phraseology as “Sorry if this sounds preachy,” “I’m not here to judge,” and “Hey, this works for me, but by all means, feel free to do your own thing, too.”


Thoughts go out to all of the folks in the New Edinburgh area who have been affected by the massive fire the other day. This totally sux. And losing the community’s Home Hardware store – that sux even more. I LOVE Home Hardwares!


Me? I’m heading out with the family to a local sugar bush today! The weather, albeit a bit cool for the sap to run today, will be nice and sunny! Good times!



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