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Que sera sera: Doris is hanging up the wet suit

I am, in a throw up in your mouth kinda way, a wee bit saddened to hear that after much “prayerful” consideration, Stockwell Day has decided to not seek re-election.

He has provided those of us who do not occupy the extreme right hand room in the Canadian political igloo much, MUCH glee over the years.The guy has been a walking parody. A talking editorial cartoon. The subject of many, many blog posts by many, many bloggers.

And now he will be gone.

Who can forget The Word of Stock:

Because, my sons and daughters, ye must trust the Word of Stock as you trust the Word of Stephen God. So trust my holy word on this matter and know that there have been more sins committed against thine person and thine property than in the past. Know this and go forth and spread the Gospel. For it is Right and True.

Amen and Praise the Stephen!

Then there was the Rick Mercer campaign to have Day change his name to Doris. Mercer wanted to show how easy it was to get the 3% of the population to sign a petition to initiate a referendum vote. Unless you were living under a rock at the time, he did indeed get more than enough signatures. About 700,000ish, if I recall.

But Day retained his name. Spoilsport.

Finally, who can forget this image:

Bye-bye Stock! We don’t know what we’ll do without ya!


Aw shucks, sure we do! We still have these two:


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