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March 11th, 2011:

Neighbourhood washed away


Japanese airport hit by tsunami…

The power of nature…



Friday miscellany – Ottawa inland sea edition

First of all, in light of the horrible tragedy that is taking place in Japan, I’d like to wish all affected the very best and hope that you and those you care about are safe and sound.

And that goes for anyone else in the Pacific Rim who may be affected by the quake or subsequent tsunamis.

I was going to bitch about the crappy weather that O Town has been getting lately, but that seems so trivial now.


Zdeno Chara is a lumbering moron who deserved to have the book thrown at him for his hit against Max Pacioretty the other night. But in true NHL fashion, no one had the guts to do it. Gotta keep the dullards who drool at the fights and hits like this happy, ya know.

Accident? Bullshit. These guys, even ones as dull as Chara, know where they are on the ice at all times. Period.

This is yet another black eye on what can be a beautiful sport. But it is obvious that the league is going to sit on its hands until someone dies. Shame.



Apparently, it is OK to use electroshock treatment on misbehaving students who attend a school in the States. And Congress agrees!

(NaturalNews) For nearly 20 years, the Judge Rotenberg Educational Center (JREC), a special needs school for children and adults in Canton, Mass., has been utilizing a controversial, “moderately painful” electric shock discipline technique on its students that many say is inhumane. JREC is the only school in the US that uses the technique, and legislation to ban it has repeatedly failed. Last year, JREC spent $100,000 lobbying Congress to block a piece of legislation that may have outlawed the practice, and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) filings indicate that the school has spent more than a million dollars lobbying for protection at the state level.

Wow. I mean, I was in the public school system through the 1970’s and teachers routinely whipped chalk at your head, threw you up against lockers, slapped you across the back with yardsticks and doled out The Strap as punishment… but no one hooked up booster cables to your hands if you got caught chewing gum!

Yes, I was wrong about an election being called yesterday. Quit bugging me about it!


I have volunteered to provide input into a park renewal plan for two parks in my area: Grasshopper Hill and Canterbury. If you live in the ‘hood and have some ideas, feel free to share them with me!


As much as it pains me to admit, OC Transpo has been quasi reliable lately in spite of the crappy weather. Props.


Stephen Harper’s smirk: hate it about as much as I hate his lies.

This pic is an accurate portrayal, don’t you think?Thanks to The Non Conformer for this.


For those of us in my part of the world (except Saskatchewan) don’t forget that we switch to DST this weekend!

Turn your clocks ahead at 2 a.m. this Sunday, March 13, 2011.


Finally, a very Happy 22nd Anniversary to my brother Jim and sister-in-law Kim! Hard to believe it has been that long!

Kim – I woulda booted out the bum years ago, but thanks for keeping the bro’ on the straight and narrow!


When perspective hits you upside the face

A huge quake of 8.8 magnitude has hit Japan and has caused horrendous damage and triggered tsunamis. The whole Pacific rim, including Hawaii, is on a tsunami watch.

Let’s hope that at Japan’s hour of need, Canada steps up to the plate and is ready to offer up DART or any other help that is needed.